Agile and light recruitment system

Tiitus is an agile and light recruitment tool for businesses. The service is a web application which works on every device. You will find all of the tools and features needed for successful recruitment. The corporate business interface of Tiitus is well suited for both small and large businesses or staffing companies. The set up of the service is easy and light. You can activate various features anytime and build a solution that best suits your needs. You can create as many users as you need and distribute different rights to your organization within your organization.

The heart of Tiitus is found in the service intelligence that allows you to filter and find interesting candidates just for your needs and tasks. The service also utilizes previous and open applications. The use of Tiitus enhances the pre-qualification stages of recruiting, and saves recruiter’s time. So it is not very important how many applications you get because as a recruiter you always start your job from the right and most potential candidate.


  • Mobile 97% 97%
  • Artificial Intelligence 77% 77%
  • Candidate Experience 70% 70%
  • Employer Branding 63% 63%

Key features of the system

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes the recruiter’s work easier and the match percentage reveals the most suitable candidates.


The recruitment system is mobile for job seekers as well as for recruiters.


Chat is an easy way to reach a job seeker quickly. Job seeker gets notified about new messages.


The recruitment system includes an opportunity for an video interview.

Agile and light recruitment system

The greatest benefit for employers is to reach young people efficiently through one and the same service. The employer is able to make bold and inspirational work announcements and find potential candidates just with a few clicks. Tiitus profiles are full of color and life. Users can show their personalities with the help of photos and video.

When you open an applicant’s profile, you are able to see a little more about applicant than what you’ve been used to. Get familiar with the applicant’s experience, watch his introduction video or look at his portfolio of photos. After finding the right person, you can start an interview with the applicant via chat or phone and ask him for an interview.

Getting started is easy, and it does not take long. You only create one profile for your organization, from which you can create additional credentials for your company’s other recruiters. When creating creating a employer profile for the first time, you agree to the Terms of Service and select the payment method that best suits you. After making a profile you will immediately receive the service. You can create an inspiring and attractive employer image, and publish the first job announcement.