Agile and light recruitment system

Municipalities and cities

For cities, we build different kinds of systems that bring together those who seek employment and those who provide it. The bottom line for these services is the applicant’s know-how profile and the idea of matchmaking that will connect the appropriate parties.

Training and mentoring

Our software also enables bringing together different types of learning and marketing for trainings. Our service also aids in mentoring and in pinpointing the right expert.

Organisations and trade unions

We develop various solutions for organisations related to job searching and employment. The basis for our service entails tailored career and job search sites where those who provide jobs and those who look for them come together.

Recruiting system

Haavi is a comprehensive recruiting system developed by Tiitus. Haavi is particularly suited for small and mid-sized companies’ use. The Haavi system can be customised to match the customer’s exact requirements.

Our strengths



Mobile-friendly services form the starting point for our software development. We all carry our smartphones everywhere, and access to services – regardless of time and place – is crucial. We develop our mobile applications both in native languages and as hybrid applications.


Artificial Intelligence

We constantly develop AI for recruitment. The aim of recruitment AI is to decrease the amount of manual labour for the recruiter. AI will learn from the recruiter’s behaviour and can find the best matches.



All Tiitus systems can be integrated with other systems. The integrations are easy to implement and data can be transferred between services as you wish.



We design various software suites using our several years of experience. Gamification, ease of use, and simplicity form the foundation for our software development. We also design and build customised systems and solutions for our customers.

Recruiting system

The Tiitus recruiting system combines all the features the recruiter needs. At the core of the service lies the Tiitus artificial intelligence that filters and organises the applicants in the correct order. Thus the number of received applications is not highly relevant, because you, the recruiter, will always start working with the right and most potential applicant.

You can efficiently filter and sort applicants, and note down important information. When you open an applicant’s profile, you will immediately see a bit more than what you are used to. You can get to know the applicant’s experience and also watch their presentation video or browse through their picture portfolio straight from social media. The recruiting system can be tailored almost completely according to the customer’s wishes.

Starting at 890€/year
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Asiakkaat kertovat

Susanna Suorasa, Marketing Director Speakersforum

”Everything is convenient and the service works nicely and in real time all the time. The service was not unnecessary stiff or office like. Tiitus is a good starting point in the recruitment process! We got a lot of interested applicants through Tiitus.”

Hanna Rinne, Talen Manager
Royal Ravintola

”Tiitus works fine as a new kind of forum for finding workforce and chat feature is great when the recruiter wants to know more about the applicant. I definitely recommend Tiitus as a recruitment channel for the future.”

Lauri Ruhala CEO, Salesframe

”I tried Tiitus on the other night as an employer and I tried to look for a developer. Three applications came in, all of which were more prudent than what we have got through LinkedIn. One of the applicants was hired through Tiitus. Thumbs up!”