The Finnish Schools International job shadowing platform aims to bring together skilled students and potential employers for short-term international job shadowing.

Through the platform, employers in Finland can offer their open vacancies easily to reach suitable international students and at the same time, students of Finnish School International can find interesting job opportunities of their interest and apply for a life changing experience abroad.

The Finnish Schools International is the first school in Kosovo to offer pre university students the opportunity to get work experience in Finnish companies. We are making Finnish “TET” practice a world-wide phenomenon. Our aim is to revolutionize global education system by developing smart, creative, healthy and happy individuals for the future working world.



1) Click the link below to start registration
2) Join ”Finnish Schools International” and other institutes you find interesting
3) Create the job shadowing place
4) Select Työn luonne (Nature of the work), then TET-paikka (Work practice program) and region: Finnish Schools International
5) Select skills which are related to the job shadowing place



Download the Tiitus app here:

Contact info

Kaija-Leena Salovaara, Principal

+383 46 18 57 25

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