Questions and answers


Do I need to recruit on the phone with a small screen?

No, you don’t have to. As a company recruiter you use the service through our web application smoothly on your own computer.


How does this work with our current recruitment software?

Tiitus interface for businesses serves as an independent recruitment system, but can also be integrated into the current recruitment and HR system.


How quickly can I set up Tiitus? what it requires?

You can register yourself and create a profile for your business. Creating a profile and the first job announcement is quick and easy.


Do job search now become ridiculously easy?

Job search will become easier, but it must. Easier does not mean that young people lose their courage and self-initiative. The job search will only change. Young people will have the responsibility of creating their own job seeker image.


Why is the service focused only on young people?

The service does not have an age limit, but it focuses specifically on young jobseekers aged 18-30. The service focuses on employment relationships and often the first formal employment starts at the age of 18. There is also an age when mobile search is no longer easy and meaningful.


Whose operator did you undertake?

Tiitus is a service for young people made by young people. We do not work under anybody’s authority, and our ownership base consists of young entrepreneurs.


Why the application can’t be personalized? Do I need to apply with the same application for every job?

The jobseeker makes one job search profile to apply for all job vacancies. The profile corresponds to the normal cv content. The job seeker can personalize the application in a chat conversation that corresponds to the cover letter, but is filled interactively with the recruiter.


How does the service differ from other options on the market?

Tiitus focuses especially on mobile search and its development. We are doing everything from the perspective of young job seeker and trying to improve the job search experience. We do not recruit ourselves, but we offer a meeting place between a job seeker and an employer. We want to make it possible for a young jobseeker to show his own personality in the job application.


How do I learn to use the service?

We will provide you with clear instructions to your e-mail when logging. You can also approach our technical support and we will guide you how to make a profile and an job announcement.