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Tiitus – Technology Company for Recruiting

For schools

We provide various solutions to educational institutions for creating and coordinating connections to working life. The focus of our services consists of qualitative employment measures and know-how profiles for students


We design and implement various recruiting software and systems. Our product laboratory continuously develops recruiting AI and designs new user-friendly software.

Municipalities and cities

For cities, we build different kinds of systems that bring together those who seek employment and those who provide it. The bottom line for these services is the applicant’s know-how profile and the idea of matchmaking that will connect the appropriate parties.

Tiitus Profile

The Tiitus profile will make looking for a job easier and help you to make your application more appealing easily and quickly. Once you have created a profile, you can utilise it in several different applications. The Tiitus profile is not just a listing of the know-how and experience you either have or don’t have – it’s a chance to boldly bring forth your own personality. You will be assessing your own strengths and expertise and promoting your attitude with the help of a video. You can choose and add any photos you like, as well as some highlights directly from social media channels, as a way of telling about the things you like.

Download the Tiitus mobile application

Tiitus is a new job search application that will make applying faster and easier. You won’t need to fill in dozens of forms – instead, you can handily apply for all open positions using a single profile. The application will offer suggestions regarding open positions that best suit you.

Applying only requires a few taps. After applying, you can track the progress of your application in real time on your phone. You can also chat with employers and initiate conversations even before the first interview is scheduled.

Employers can also find and contact you — make your profile reflect the real you!

Check out open jobs in Tiitus

In the Tiitus job market, you can find all the job advertisements published via the different types of the Tiitus software. You can also use your computer’s browser to conveniently look for jobs by using the Internet search. The job market will list all open advertisements by field. The open positions in Tiitus are also included in the job market.

Frank Jobs

Frank Jobs is a job search service with which employers can reach students living in Finland easily and quickly. In turn, students can handily apply for several different jobs using one single know-how profile.

Frank Jobs is a joint product by Tiitus and Frank Students with the aim of making it easier for students and working life to meet one another. Our mission is to build the Frank Jobs service into the largest student recruiting service in Finland.

Recruiting system

The Tiitus recruiting system combines all the features the recruiter needs. At the core of the service lies the Tiitus artificial intelligence that filters and organises the applicants in the correct order. Thus the number of received applications is not highly relevant, because you, the recruiter, will always start working with the right and most potential applicant.

You can efficiently filter and sort applicants, and note down important information. When you open an applicant’s profile, you will immediately see a bit more than what you are used to. You can get to know the applicant’s experience and also watch their presentation video or browse through their picture portfolio straight from social media. The recruiting system can be tailored almost completely according to the customer’s wishes.

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